Circle of 120

As we approach Pentecost, will you PRAY DAILY that the Holy Spirit empower and strengthen the ministry of the Eastgate Christian family, as we "Seek God, Share Christ, and Serve Others"?

Prayer is a powerful thing.  It can change situations.  It can change lives.  And it can change Christ's church.  

We are looking for 120 people -- members, family, friends, neighbors -- to pray for the continued ministry of Eastgate Christian Church, it's leaders, and God's dreams for the future.

The Circle of 120

After Jesus' resurrection and ascension into heaven, his devoted disciples numbered about 120.  Acts 1 says that these disciples returned to Jerusalem and devoted themselves to prayer, preparing themselves to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The culmination of this prayer and preparation was the day of Pentecost, when they were emboldened by the Holy Spirit and they baptized 3000 people.

Eastgate is looking for people to begin a new Circle of 120.  Will you join the effort?  Can you commit to pray a few minutes each day specifically for the ministry of Eastgate Christian Church -- that we continue 63 years of service changing lives in Independence and around the world?

You can sign up to be part of the Circle of 120 on the form on this page.  Or you can contact us at

Help us "Rekindle the Flame"
Your prayers will be counted and 
this flame will grow brighter as we approach our goal.

Yes! I want to join the Circle of 120 and I commit to pray for the ministry of Eastgate Christian Church every day through May 24.