Summer Blockbuster Sermon Series 2013


Eastgate Christian Church will offer a special sermon series on religious themes in several of this summer’s movies from August 4 through September 8.  The “Summer Blockbuster Sermon Series” will consider such issues as justice, ambition, sacrifice, and the end of the world.

For the fifth year, Rev. Joshua Patty, the senior minister of Eastgate Christian Church, will encourage people to look deeper at the big-budget movies that millions have attended during the summer months. 

On August 4, “The Great Gatsby,” Rev. Patty will consider how Jay Gatsby and others drawn from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel are reminiscent of the Pharisees, based on Matthew 23.

On August 11, “Now You See Me,” Rev. Patty will explore the issues of justice in several summer movies, including the magician heist caper and “The Internship,” based on Isaiah 59.

On August 18, “Man of Steel,” Rev. Patty will talk about a summer movie with explicit theological issues, the latest Superman film, based on Isaiah 53.

On August 25, “Monsters University,” Rev. Patty will explore issues of education and ambition in the Pixar prequel to “Monsters, Inc.,” based on James 3.

On September 1, “This Is the End,” Minister for Youth and Young Adults will speak about the apocalyptic themes in a couple of this summer’s movies.

And on September 8, “The Lone Ranger,” Rev. Patty will explain how Tonto, the Native American sidekick played by Johnny Depp, is eerily similar to the patriarch Jacob in some ways, based on Genesis 30.