Summer Blockbuster Sermon Series 2014


Eastgate Christian Church will offer a special sermon series on religious themes in several classic films from July 27 through August 24.  The “Summer Blockbuster Sermon Series” will consider such issues as truth, love, sacrifice, and being a role model.

For the sixth year, Rev. Joshua Patty, the senior minister of Eastgate Christian Church, will encourage people to look deeper at the movies they enjoy.  This year, the attention is on classic movies across five genres.

On July 27, “The Wizard of Oz,” Rev. Patty will consider how people seek wisdom, including King Saul, based on 1 Samuel 28.

On August 3, “Casablanca,” Rev. Patty will explore the loyalty we owe to other individuals and others collectively, based on Jesus’ teaching in Luke 20.

On August 10, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence,” Rev. Patty will suggest the ways we remember history and are guided by it, based on Acts 15.

On August 17, “Auntie Mame,” Rev. Patty will offer an exploration of the example we set in how we live our lives, based on Ecclesiastes 2.

And on August 24, “Star Wars,” Rev. Patty will consider the weapons that faith gives us in the battles we face, based on Ephesians 6.