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Seeking God, Sharing Christ, Serving Others

What If Jesus...?

In this sermon series, Rev. Joshua Patty considered alternative paths not taken by Jesus. Sometimes we can only truly appreciate the way things are when we imagine how things could have turned out much differently. (Audio recordings of these sermons are available through the links below.)

Why, God, Why? Hard Times and the Lessons of Job - February-April, 2017

In this sermon series, Rev. Joshua Patty considers some of the greatest wisdom about human suffering through the example of Job. This wisdom can help us face our own challenges and the persistent question, "Why?"

Deep Questions of Faith - January, 2017

In this sermon series, Rev. Joshua Patty explores some of these deep questions through the eyes of Christian faith. By exploring God's wisdom shared in the Bible, we can better understand our questions and our doubts and hopefully hear God's patient and enduring answers.

Summer Blockbuster Sermon Series

Each summer, Rev. Joshua Patty explores theological issues and religious themes in popular movies