Welcome from Senior Minister

Seeking God, Sharing Christ, Serving Others

Greetings from Eastgate Christian Church in Independence, MO!

For over 5 years, I have had the privilege and the joy of serving as the Senior Minister of Eastgate. In a few words, this congregation is curious, welcoming, generous, faithful, and genuine.

We are curious about the many ways God has reached into their lives, exploring their faith through worship, prayer, and study. We are welcoming, excited to welcome friends and visitors and eager to join in conversation. We are generous, making support of partner ministries (including a clinic in Haiti) and local non-profit groups in money and time a priority. We are faithful, seeking to place God at the center of our daily lives. And we are genuine, celebrating who we are -- warts and all -- rather than pretending to be people we are not.

On this website, you'll find a variety of information about us. You can find answers to many questions about our worship services, an explanation of why we celebrate the Lord's Supper each time we worship together, as well as a description of our current sermon series.

Of course, while this can give you a taste of our ministry at Eastgate, there is no substitute for joining us in worship. I hope to meet you in person. You are welcome at Eastgate.

Rev. Joshua Patty, Senior Minister