Connection with Others Inside and Outside the Church

Seeking God, Sharing Christ, Serving Others

One of the important opportunities of faith is to develop life-giving relationships with others. Building and strengthening healthy relationships while having fun is a great way to draw others to Christ. This connection with non-believers is part of The Great Commission of Christ. 

As Christians, we are also called to be in fellowship with one another to provide spiritual, social, and emotional support to one another. Through the life of the church, we can learn to interact with others in Christian love.  We can then begin to experience and share the mutual support that God hopes for each of us.

Eastgate offers a daily calendar of ways to connect with others in the church and beyond.  There are suggestions for conversation starters, ideas for notes to send or calls to make, and even ways to connect through social media.  These can help deepen relationships, rooted in Christian love.

Please note: you can subscribe to the calendar with daily suggestions of how to connect with others so that they appear on your personal calendar.